Bottom line? Adjusters doing business in California need California Earthquake Certification to adjust earthquake claims in California.

When the big one hits, some adjusters just take the chance they’ll be able to do business in California without previously obtaining the required California Earthquake Certification. NOT SO, says and official with the California Earthquake Authority (CEA). It appears the CEA keeps a list of adjusters who have finished earthquake certification courses. If you are not on the list, they won’t accept your business until you get certified. The same list is occasionally shared with the California Department of Insurance. They also want to know that adjusters doing business in the State have complied with all Title 10 and Fair Claims Practice requirements needed to be California Earthquake Certified.

Before an earthquake, certification is easy at Affordable Educators . . just review some informative online materials and pass an open-book quiz. Our course has been recently updated to reflect CEA’s 2016 form and we tell you exactly what you need to do to be earthquake certified. Adjusters from any state can be certified, practically overnight.

After an earthquake hits, you might be lucky to find a just-in-time course, but who knows if everyone can be accommodated and the price is likely to jump from sheer market demand.

When you understand that the certification from our course is good for three years, it’s pretty cheap assurance that you will be accepted to adjust ISO or CEA claims.

Affordable Educators’ California Earthquake Certification Training is currently priced at only $79! Unlike some courses, there is NO CLASSROOM, closed book exam or timer required.

Affordable Educators has been training agents and adjusters since 1993. Visit our California Earth- quake Web Pages at or call us at (800) 498-5100