You now have one more reason to get your California Earthquake Certification ASAP!

Adjusters who don’t have it, must be reported to the California Department of Insurance.  In a nutshell, without Certification, you are taking a risk that you won’t be able to adjust claims in California when the “big one” hits.

Since 2004, California’s Title 10 Code created very specific training standards for any insurance adjuster who handles or evaluates earthquake claims in California. Specifically, adjusters need to be “Earthquake Certified” with training in California Fair Claim Settlement Practices, Scope of Loss, Loss Estimation Techniques, Engineer Necessity, The California Earthquake Mediation Program, Concrete Damage Assessment, Subsequent Earthquake Damage and other Earthquake Assistance Programs.

Now, we’ve learned that adjusters without this training have to be reported to the State.  According to attorney Kelly Biggins of Locke and Lord, “If an insurer uses one or more adjusters to evaluate damage caused by earthquakes,” they are duty bound to “annually submit a list of adjusters who have not completed the training to the California Department of Insurance.”  Further, Ms. Biggins also explains that the need for earthquake training may extend beyond field adjusters to include employees who “conduct activities related to the determination of coverage” or who “negotiate payment of claims” and even supervisors who “actively manage claims.”

The good news is that it’s simple and easy to get Earthquake Certified with Affordable Educators. Why take the chance you will be excluded? Just review some informative online materials and pass an open-book quiz…all done online from the convenience of your office or home. And, it’s cheap at only $79. Your Earthquake Certification from Affordable Educators is good for three years so this isn’t something that will come at you every year. We also tell you exactly how to take the process further by getting certified by the California Earthquake Authority, where most of the claims will occur.


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