“Excellent Service Is More Than A State of Mind“. Read the entire article in our Free Agents Guide To Better Sales.

When asked, “What is your greatest strength?”, 90% of insurance agents will claim “Excellent Service” as the answer. But, do 90% of the agents you know provide service you would term excellent? Why do they think or believe that they do? Could be ego, maybe they are fooling themselves or they just hide behind excuses like:

  • My employees can’t / won’t do better.
  • My customers don’t care about service, no matter what they say. They just want the lowest price.
  • The more service we provide, the more the customer will expect.
  • We can’t provide better service when most of the mistakes come from the companies.

The truth is, excellent service must be proven to you and to your customers every day. Don’t live with excuses for not being excellent or with being “as good as” the other agents. If you think you provide excellent service but you can’t describe how or why, your service levels are probably not up to the standards that you have set. Marketing consultants urge our agents to market themselves as excellent servicers. But only under the condition that they are, in fact, excellent in the eyes of the customer because its not how you feel about yourself that puts bread on the table, its how your customers view you. That state of mind must be supported by truly excellent service. That’s why service excellence is more than a state of mind, it is the reality of identifying your service levels and the customers’ definitions of excellent service and melding the two by actually changing what you do.

How do you do that? ASK THE CUSTOMER!!! – Ask them very specific questions about very specific service issues. For instance, don’t ask them generic questions like, “How can we serve you better?” They have no idea. But if you ask them how long it should take to call back with an answer to a question and give them the following choices; one hour, four hours, one day, three days, or five days, you will get a good idea of what is expected to provide the customers’ version of good service. Use their answers to help you set the standards that you must BEAT in order to qualify for the “Excellent” title that you would like to use for your agency.

Personal surveys are a better tool than mail surveys. A personal survey involves calling the client and asking for five minutes of time to help their insurance agent, XYZ Agency, enhance their service to their customers. Telephone surveys are better than surveys conducted in person because, while you can still obtain clarification of either questions or answers, the impersonal telephone call is less threatening than asking the same questions in person.