A few weeks ago, we got a call from one of our wonderful alumni, Dale Penn. He took time from his busy schedule to let us know that our Agents and Identity Theft Course was on the money.

Gosh do we like hearing that, especially from someone who “wrote the book” on identity theft. Literally. You see, Dale Penn is not only an insurance/risk management guy, and an award winning stage magician, he is the author of Identity Theft Secrets. Find it on Amazon.com

Dale’s background as a magician is most likely the root of this talent in exposing tricks of the identity theft trade. But, his skill as an author is presenting an often difficult and misunderstood subject in real terms. Penn’s points on how to make yourself/business a smaller target, fighting back and a step-by-step resolution plan for identity theft victims are crystal clear. Along the way, Dale makes it meaningful with some interesting and tragic stories, including his own, on how lives are affected by identity theft.

While this book is more often oriented to consumers, the agent community can learn valuable lessons in loss control to pass on to our clients and use in our own lives as well. One needs to be proactive, because, as Dale and other experts suggest, this is not a subject that will be going away anytime soon.