Ask five agents about the need to sell life insurance and you will get five different responses. Some avoid it at all costs; others have achieved relative success on term life sales alone. Whatever your view, it’s hard to ignore the fact that many of your clients could be underinsured here. Further, if you have a client base of 1000 or more people who have already said “yes” to something you sell, it can amount to a nice profit center for your agency.

An additional component at play today is the fact that many multi line agents do not have a choice. They are under more pressure than ever to make life insurance sales quotas or suffer the wrath of reduced commissions, incentives or their sales contract.

For any of these reasons, you may need to learn how to sell life insurance. If so, you will want to read…no, I mean marinate…in what Ray Vendetti has to say in his great little guide called Cracking The Code To Life Insurance Sales for the Multi-Line Agent.

As I read Ray’s book, I felt like I was tagging along with my agency’s ace life producer out on a bunch of his best sales calls. I was “inside” his mind and privy to the tips, phrases, psychology and grit that makes a top producer…a top producer.

Like many pros, Ray believes that getting the client’s story is more important than rattling off a long-winded product/feature presentation commercial. You get the story, says Ray, by getting client’s engaged in the process and you get the sale when you help clients achieve their goals. But Ray doesn’t stop there. He tells you exactly how to get clients talking about their goals by asking some very specific and targeted, open-ended questions. There is also a time, according to Ray, to go quiet, a time to close, a way to close and a method of presenting your recommendations without confusing clients with too many options.

Want more? How about knowing how to reach specific market segments or ways to generate life insurance leads? It’s all in this jam-packed little book that I found easy to read and entertaining.

Get your copy at here.