Why is identity theft a hot topic these days? There are many reasons. First and foremost is the fact that the sharing of information has become complicated. Gone are days of a customer’s financial and health records being locked in a file room at the rear of the office. New electronic distribution channels of providing and servicing insurance products and health care have created exposure of personal financial information and health histories. And, the way we get our health care is changing from one-on-one, patient/doctor relationships, to large, integrated health networks where many levels of employees have access to records.

In a sense, trying to control healthcare and insurance costs by using technology and centralization has resulted in a profound potential for abuse of privacy. In a nutshell, today entire networks distribute and/or disclose the data you collect on your clients with a variety of affiliates and third parties; all the while, putting you and other agents in the path of tighter and more responsible privacy rules.

So what are your responsibilities? What are the rules that govern how you should handle and protect your clients’ information? And what happens when there’s a breach or theft?

We cover all of these topics and more in our course #182: Agents and Identity Theft. This course book is available for FREE and is worth the read to make sure you understand the laws and are following best practices. While you’re at it, take the exam and get 12 credit hours toward your next renewal. The book is free online and we only charge you when you pass the exam.