Can an insurance app offer instant coverage?

Apps are such a great convenience, don’t you think? We find it so nice to be able to check an account, pay a bill, or order dinner, all with a quick swipe on a tablet or smart phone. Apps have provided such real services for many of our day-to-day tasks. A simple press of an icon and we have reached our source and can take care of everything. Or not.

As enticing as apps and app-driven businesses may seem, they are missing that one great component that keeps business going and people thriving. Contact. There is no one to ask a question or field an inquiry. No one thanks you for calling or listens to your concerns or offers informed advice.

So when it comes to our business, can an insurance app really do what your clients need? Sure, they can pop in their personal info and receive a quick text or email. But is that enough? Is that enough for your clients? It all looks so appealing and easy. Colorful sites. Easy buttons. Friendly photos.

You may have read that a new format for selling insurance has landed in California called Lemonade. Lemonade offers instant coverage for renters and homeowners with just a swipe of an app. Answer a few questions and you will be quoted a low, low fee for all your needs. No real, probing questions are asked. It is: Basic. Quick. Fast. It is all about speed to get clients covered.

New York based insurers Lemonade and Slice are offering consumers fast coverage for rentals, day driving and homeowner’s insurance needs. And while a swipe of an app may seem so appealing it lacks the confidence one feels when they can chat with an agent and discuss real coverage, limits and details that make a consumer feel confident that they have done the best for their family.

As an agent, you have that ability to reach out to your clients and prospective clients and ask the right questions. Listen to their answers and possibly expand their coverage to insure great grandma’s thimble collection for all it’s worth. As more technology and fast solutions hit our industry, it’s even more critical to offer what we know customers want…great, personal customer services and strong relationships that lead to more business and better coverage.

So can an insurance app really do what you do? We don’t think so.

Customer service. Personal contact. Your advantage over the swipe of an app.