If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. A major brokerage company recently fell victim to the scorn and penalties of the Department of Insurance for allegedly creating software that enabled some of its California employees to lie to regulators concerning the time they spent on insurance pre license training. Apparently the company allowed employees to sign a form, under penalty of perjury, that confirmed they had spent the required time (52 hours) to study online training. Some may not have. Perjury is a felony in the State of California. Can we all agree that this would NOT be the way to start your insurance career? The takeaway is that there are no shortcuts. If you hear of a school that allows you to put in less than the study hours required, you would be well served to move on to an ethical provider.

Affordable Educators offers insurance pre license training so we know how tightly this area is regulated. Prospective agents MUST devote 52 hours of study on a timer based online learning system. They must pass practice questions at the end of each chapter to progress to the next chapter. At DOI’s request, we can provide a complete record of when the student logged in and when he or she stopped studying. It’s the law!