We recently had three different people call us, in one day, after failing the CA state insurance licensing exam. We actually get these types of calls all the time. This got us thinking about how important insurance prelicense training really is. In this instance, all three callers had taken an in-classroom insurance prelicense training course to get the 52-hour certificate to qualify for the state exam. But that in-classroom course only included the state required subjects to complete the 52 hours for the certificate. It did not include any exam prep material needed to actually pass! The certificate was the end goal, not actually passing the exam.

While we never like hearing someone tried and failed, we’re honestly not surprised and it’s not really that person’s fault. The state exam covers a lot of material that can be tricky. Think back to taking the SATs or your driver’s license test…but more. It’s important that you’re not only familiar with the topics you will be tested on, but also specific facts, figures, fees, deadlines, and definitions AND the exam’s multiple-choice question format. You also need a way to practice testing your knowledge and tracking your progress with practice test type material.

These are all pieces that are sadly missing from a lot of in-classroom courses we hear about. In other online courses, this type of (essential, in our opinion) material is sold as add-ons, which means you have to pay more just to be prepared for the exam. When we think about insurance prelicense training, we consider it our job to help you earn your 52-hour certificate AND ALSO to help you prepare to pass the exam.

Our online insurance prelicense training courses all INCLUDE the credit hours required to take the state exam PLUS exam prep material that will help you pass the exam. What’s even better, our exam prep questions are included in the timed material you must study to earn your certificate. So you don’t have to re-read text just to run out the clock. You can use those valuable minutes and hours to memorize the questions that will help you pass the exam!

We don’t mean to toot our own horn. This is meant as an advisory: Don’t waste your time or money on insurance prelicense training that does not include exam prep materials!

This is critical when you’re getting ready to start a new career as an insurance agent or thinking about hiring, getting your children or family members licensed, or encouraging a friend to join the insurance industry. Don’t start a new endeavor with a failure. Get the tools you need to get it right the first time and start your business the way you intend to go on…as a success!

We’re here to help you make it happen. Our experience team can help guide you through the process of preparing for and passing the state exam. Our thoughtfully designed insurance prelicense training course has everything you need. Take a look at the chart below or check out our website for more information.

Affordable Educators Insurance Prelicense Training Chart