After more than twenty-five years of educating and helping insurance professionals, we’ve heard tons and tons of questions… that’s why we put our heads together and came up with the Top 5 Most Commonly Asked Questions about insurance continuing education!

1.How many CE hours are required for my Insurance License?

The California Department of Insurance requires all insurance agents to complete at least twenty-four hours of continuing education every two years.  If you have a Property & Casualty license and a Life & Accident Health license, you only need 24 hours total for both licenses, NOT each insurance license!

Oftentimes, agents will have hours already applied towards their licenses from previous CE courses they took, so we always recommend scanning your license to find out more… Click here to check your license status with the California Department of Insurance or call us for a free license review!

2. Can I repeat courses? What are carry-forward hours?

YES! YES! YES! You can most certainly repeat courses, as long as you are in a new licensing period.

Carry-forward hours occur when you take more continuing education than necessary… up to twenty-four hours can be applied towards your next license.

3. What is the Ethics Requirement?

 Starting 1/1/07 the California Code requires all Life / Heath Agents and Property / Casualty Broker-Agents to complete three (3) hours of ethics training during their two-year license term. Ethics training is part of, not in addition to, the California resident agent’s current continuing education requirement.

We offer ten different courses, ranging in hours between 3 and 30 that satisfy the ethics requirement!

4. Do I need any specialty courses to renew my license?

 Depends.  If you sell specialty products like annuities, long term care, flood insurance, or even Homeowner’s Insurance, you will need to take specialty courses.  Click here to find out more about the rules and what you made need specifically to renew your license!

5. How do I renew my California Insurance license?

The Department of Insurance requires all agents renew their insurance licenses online.  Visit the DOI’s renewal page here.  Remember to update all of your information, including your name and email address, as the DOI will now only send email reminders for your renewals.