Life is made up of so many milestones. Graduations, weddings, new babies, maybe a launch of a new home business. Events that not only fill our calendars but keep us going from month to month. Good stuff! Houses filled with family and friends. Venues booked for the happy couple. These life milestones are not only extraordinary days for your clients to enjoy, they’re also opportunities for you to help them protect what matters most.

Here are just a few simple scenarios where you could really shine by offering the right kind of coverage:

Life Milestone #1: How many times a month do you year from an old client calling to insure a new car or rental property and they casually mention that their daughter is getting married? This might be your chance to inquire about event insurance. The small cost of event insurance can save them so much stress, knowing that they’re taken care of in case something unforeseen happens.

Life Milestone #2: New parents are often so overwhelmed with their new challenge that they tend to forget to up their life insurance. While wading through stacks of diapers and trying to catch some sleep, they may need a nudge of reality from you to up their current policy to protect their new family.

Life Milestone #3: A new family business may involve selling at different venues each weekend. Setting up booths for selling handmade wares or favorite recipes all need an additional insurance policy. Have they thought about liability insurance? You can help them make sure their business is secure as it grows.

Looking for a niche in the insurance industry? You could be a life milestone expert! Consider adding a link on your website or even a Facebook post every so often about the types of coverage you offer for special events and life milestones. Let your clients know that when life offers celebrations, you can protect them.

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