Sure.  Make all you want!  In fact, some studies show that you can take your insurance business to even higher levels through some savvy ethical strategies.  That’s right, being an ethical insurance agent is likely to come with some lofty financial perks, like improved customer loyalty, more referrals, reduced legal costs, good publicity and even access to more capital.

But getting there is only half the battle.  Continued success, amid the influence of instant and sometimes damaging social media ratings, is the next challenge.  It helps that clients know that while you are not perfect, you have a strong moral compass and good ethical decision-making skills.   For example, let’s say you just drove 30 minutes from a client meeting only to discover you missed his initials on page 2 of a nice contract.  Of course, you would never initial it yourself, but you could drive the 30 minutes and spend a few more minutes telling the client why you did it.  Did you just get a huge ethical boost here?  You bet.  Sounds like a story for your blog too!

In our brand new course, The Ethical Advantage, you will learn similar concepts, like why being ethical is more than being right, the importance of placing your clients above your commissions, how pacing yourself can reduce errors and omissions and the nine steps to manage client conflicts before they erupt into ethical dilemmas.  All can be stepping stones to a new, higher bottom line.

Just as important, read about the legal traps in promoting yourself as an expert . . . when you’re not,  the dangers of incomplete answers,  “shades of grey” advertising you should avoid, how moral distress leads to bad decisions, why a lack of standard operating procedures leads to ethical challenges and much, much more.

The Ethical Advantage is a 16 hour ethics course approved for California life, health and casualty agents.  Look for Course #222 at our course website,