Affordable Educators answers this question all day long…”I got my license, why do I need CE to sell…….Flood? Homeowners products? LTC? Annuities?

Yes, you worked hard. You finished your 52 hours and got your insurance license. Now the California Department of Insurance wants you to have some extra education in a few products before you can talk to the public. The education may be mandatory and without the proper CE, you cannot even talk to a client about that product.

If you have a Property/Casualty license and you want to reach out to clients about homeowner’s products you will first need *CE 186, Homeowner’s Valuation. This is a CE course of 3 hours credit that you take once for the history of your license. After completing the course you are ready not only to answer calls about homeowner’s products but write policies too. Without this CE course, you may have your policies and monies pulled.

Flood CE is required by FEMA and many companies will not even let you quote flood without an update of your flood CE each renewal term. Agents are locked out of quoting programs every day because they do not have a current flood course on their license. Embarrassing! Course *190 will give you credit towards your renewal requirements and let you keep quoting and writing flood. In addition, you can register your CE at Floodsmart and get free SEO and advertising.

Life/Health agents need CE to talk to the public regarding LTC products. Many agents have no intentions of writing a LTC policy yet they write policies that have LTC riders. New agents need double LTC for their first two renewals to write both the LTC and LTC riders. One for each year of their first two years. We offer CE *213 and 214.

Interested in approaching customers about Annuities? A quick 8 hours of CE *201, will let you reach out to clients about annuities and life policies that may have annuities riders on the back end. During your second and future renewals, you drop down to 4-hour annuities CE course. We offer CE *204 and 205.

Agents taking annuities will also need an AML or Anti Money Laundering course. You can do the CE with Affordable Educators or even in-house. Keep in mind that when taking CE in-house they do not meet DOI requirements and do not post at the DOI.

Lastly, every agent will need an ethics CE for each renewal term. Don’t stress, you can take this CE anytime during your 2-year term.

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