Most prospects these days are searching the web for information about insurance before they buy it. What you need is a way to capture some of that market.

Enter Brian Greenberg of True Blue Life Insurance (Scotsdale, AZ). Brian started out selling life insurance the way he was taught . . . cold calls, setting appointments and driving to people’s homes. But some people don’t want the sales pitch. They’re internet-savvy buyers who want a fast quote and choices.

The genius of Brian’s system is in the consumer’s ability to get an anonymous online quick quote and the convenience of filling-out a clean and simple application directly on his site. Being a computer oriented guy in his 30’s Brian created most of his online selling machine. Other online systems give you a little information, require your name and contact info just for the privilege of getting quote. Some people don’t like that, and they just move on to the next one.

Thriving in a field where fewer than 20% of new agents are still in business after 4 years, Brian has found a niche: Don’t sell. Provide information without strings, respect customer choices and be efficient. He even bills himself as the “salesman who doesn’t sell”.

It helps that Brian’s concept focuses on simple term life rather than more complicated products. Then again, we know how a sales in one area can lead to sales in others.

Does it work? The proof is Brian’s membership in the Million Dollar Round Table.