We’re all bombarded by ads, pop-ups, postcards and emails. And, every couple of years or so, you may even find a book on insurance CE in your mailbox that seems like license renewal help.

That’s strange! You didn’t remember ordering a CE book. But your license is coming up for renewal so it seems convenient. You may even think the book came from Affordable Educators, since you have ordered books from us in the past.

Ok great! Might as well get it done. You jump in. Read the material, take the exams, and pay the fee. (Gee that seems higher than what Affordable Educators charged last time!)

But then…weeks down the road your home office sends back some business because your Annuity training is behind.

WHAT?! You did your CE….so, what’s the deal?

Unfortunately, CE companies often send out mass mailings, even complete CE course books, without any real thought to your individual needs and requirements. Don’t get us wrong…we love a deal and something for free is great (or is it?) But are they really helping you? I’m talking real license renewal help so you get actual guidance on the CE you need. Think about it:

  • Do you have enough overall CE hours? How many do you have? How many do you need? Are some rolling over from previous renewals?
  • Do you need Ethics or Anti-Money Laundering?
  • Did you take the required Homeowners Valuation course?
  • Is your Annuity Training up to date?
  • Is a Long Term Care course needed? Do you need it if you are selling a life product with a rider?
  • How about a strategy for taking your CE for lower fees?

Not sure?

That’s where we come in. When you call Affordable Educators, these are all questions we’re happy to help with.

We’ll help you understand what you need and how to get it done quickly and affordably. We’ll also walk you through any new requirements, keep you up to date on regulations, and generally, just keep you selling what you want to sell. We’ll figure out your CE so you won’t lose out on future business.

We even have a page on our website that simply summarizes current laws and requirements of the California Department of Insurance.

Give us a call when you are ready renew, 1-800-498-5100. We are here to help you save time, make your CE and renewal easier, and save you money!