In today’s world, there are multiple ways to get through your prelicense training, but which method is the best? Keep reading and below we’ll break down each way to obtain your California Insurance Pre-license Training!

Remember the days when you had to get dressed, pack a lunch, and be to school on time? Ya, we do not want to back there, either… Since the Department of Insurance approved online training for California pre-licensing in 2008, it has been one of the most preferable and efficient methods around. Studies have proven that people learn faster and comprehend more when presented with written materials that can be referenced and referred back to in the future (helpful for your future insurance career!). While sitting in front of a computer screen for 52 hours straight does not seem like a good time, the benefit is you can come and go as you please. Spend a few hours a day online and that time really adds up. Plus, with Affordable Educators, we give you credit time for studying the exam materials; these exam prep questions are built into each chapter to help you make more efficient use of your time. And the best part? You can study in your pajamas, need we say more?!
While webinars and video training sound easy, how will you remember 52 hours of video lectures? Most webinars are one person talking for the entire time in front of a chalkboard. Most webinars require you to be online for a set duration of time and you cannot come and go as you please. And, no matter what anyone says, you cannot pass the California Department of Insurance state exam watching a video… There are just too many facts, deadlines, penalties, acronyms, and vocabulary words you have to learn and actually memorize to pass. Plus, reading through the material, albeit dense, is the best way to prepare you for any future reading you will encounter (i.e. those 100 plus page insurance policies!).
While it is true that some people learn better in person, sitting in a classroom does take up more time and is not convenient. Many students are transitioning careers and must still work while obtaining their insurance license; taking a week off (Seven Full Days!) to sit in a classroom between 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM is not really all that efficient. In addition, add in commuting and the fact that not too many companies even offer live training anymore.

At Affordable Educators, we offer a simple, time proven approach…easy-to-read online courses with PLENTY of underlining and bold text. AND, a FREE PDF textbook for reference. It works!