Just last week we had a chat about Homeowners Valuation CE being required to talk to the public about homeowner’s products. Today, let’s chat about Flood insurance.

This time of year many of your clients may be looking for flood quotes. Easy enough, just pop some information in your system and you are good…. Not so quick! Many carriers now require your flood certification to be current to keep the quoting programming open for you.

Without any warning, some companies are locking agents out their programs after they have checked their records and have not found an updated flood cert. Depending on who you write with or even work for, your flood certification needs renewing every two to four years. With that in mind, you want to do a new flood CE at least every two renewals if not every renewal.

In years past FEMA’s Flood Smart program offered a registration page for agents to register their new certs as a means go gain business and have a bit of a web presence. FEMA has since updated their site and at present, that page is not available, although they do have a Marketing page, that may develop into a registration page in the future. Save the page for upcoming agent events and marketing tips.

Our three-hour flood training, (CE 190) not only meets the NFIP requirements and gives you credit towards your license renewal as well. With our tiered price points your flood CE may be free with your other CE courses. Who does that?

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