So, you have your Property and Casualty license. You have the position you wanted. And now you have that new business card to hand out to prospective clients about their homeowner’s policy. What’s next? CE of course.

Why would you need Continuing Education or CE on a new license? Well, the California Department of insurance or CDI, requires CE for each license renewal and some CE classes before you can even approach the public about certain types of policies, homeowner’s insurance is just one of those policies.

CE is a simple way to keep agents updated in new laws, regulations, and trends. It was the after the 2011 wildfire season that many homeowners were unable to rebuild their homes.  The CDI, saw the trend of budget-friendly yet undervalued polices, leaving clients without the funds to return their families to the homes they once had. Looking for a solution to help consumers in insuring their property and make policies more realistic, the CDI mandated this new CE rule of homeowners valuation.

Affordable Educators offers CE 186, Homeowners Valuation, worth 3 CE credits. This one-time CE will post to the DOI and stay posted on your license for as long as you keep your license current. Carriers can view the posting and know that you are up to date to approach the public and write policies.

Flood, CE 190, is another mandated continuing education course and you can do it FREE with the CE 186. Both courses can be taken at the same time for only $23. You can even call us for a corporate code and save 10%.

Full coverage for your clients will help build your career and your business. Just another way Affordable Educators is keeping you compliant while saving you time and money.