Our “good read” this month is not a book, but an interestingYouTube concerning social media for insurance agents by Debbie Russell. A slightly older video but a good, detailed primer on how to use blogs, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to drive business to your website or phone. Why social media? Well, 50% of the population is under 30 and 96% of them belong to a social network . . . 78% of them trust peer recommendations and read blogs.

Russell says that old-school “Selling & Telling” techniques are dead. People today want research. They don’t want to be told or sold and they don’t have time for golf or martini lunches. But they can work in a quick browse looking for a trusted resource. Social media is one way you can become a trusted resource by branding your business, demonstrating your products and services , and involving your prospects through articles, videos, posts or even reflections of your personal life they can relate to.

WARNING: The last third of the video is Russell”s promotion for her branding system. Yet this is still a good view.

Watch the video here.