While grabbing a coffee the other day, I heard an older gentleman ask a young guy, “Taught or caught?”

The older man wanted to know the younger’s life plan. Was he going to rely on his past education (taught), or grab information as he goes through life, (caught) to progress in his career?

Perhaps you have heard “taught or caught” before? This was new to me and I found the concept so intriguing that it followed me through the rest of my morning.

As we go through life are we relying on just our prior education to carry us through our profession or are we leaving ourselves open to catch some new ideas and plans along the way?

The insurance industry knows the value of education and asks you as agents to do continuing education every two years to keep your license current. Updates to new laws and regulations are provided to introduce an agent to the information that the Department of Insurance sees as important to both you and your clients.

While you may find CE annoying, it works well to train new agents or offer established agents insights on a course of study that may help them reach a new line of business. Yet, that may not be enough. With social media weaving its way from our homes into our businesses and younger agents coming into the fold, it may be time to get “caught” a little.

A website, a Facebook page, or Instagram account are all good avenues to explore as you reach out to clients. Many social media sites are now used as search engines for younger clients. Accounts are easy to set up and maintain and with a few simple clicks each week you may find yourself attracting a new audience.

If you are adding new agents to your company, consider a coffee session where established agents share a few tips with the newbies. And the newbies might have a few tricks they’ve “caught” themselves. Everyone can benefit from a teaching/catching session, and it builds goodwill for your office. ….And there is coffee!

Speaking of coffee…remember, simply doing a CE course with Affordable Educators enters you in a drawing for a free Starbucks coffee. No catch. It’s coffee just because we love our customers!