By Stuart Furman, Esq., Author of The Elder Care Ready Book and ElderCare Ready Pack

Portion of answer taken as excerpt from TheElderCare Ready Book (2015)

There are different definitions of what eldercare is but I look at eldercare as a global caring event. The assistance we provide our folks is not with their activities of daily living such as bathing, grooming, feeding, and bathroom functions, as those are managed by their home care company, assisted living community, or board and care home. What we do, however, is:

  • Manage their finances and investments, pay their bills, make their deposits
  • Manage their mail
  • Buy and deliver groceries and other products to them
  • Assist with laundry
  • Assist with maintaining the home and yard
  • Reminders for appointments coming up
  • Juggle visits and phone calls with each of them
  • Schedule and take them to doctor appointments (and there are a lot of these!)
  • Monitor each of their medicines and their health and safety
  • Monitor and supervise independent caregivers, assisted living care, care in the board and care home, and nursing home care
  • Regularly talk with their financial advisor, CPA, doctors, and other family members
  • Have family meetings to discuss upcoming issues
  • Manage their tax return preparation
  • Handle and manage emergencies
  • Coordinate activities and “outings”
  • And more. This is what I call “Eldercare”

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Many of the elder care services you see above are NOT covered by conventional long term care insurance or Medicare, yet many believe they are. You will be providing your clients a service to advise them as such and help them plan for ways to provide for these contingencies.